Everyone Loves a Professional Blowout

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No matter how hard you try, you just can't get your hair to look as good as it does when you leave a salon. At Belle Aventure Salon, we offer blowout services so you can treat yourself to gorgeous hair any day of the week. When you book a blowout service, you'll leave our salon with hair that'll last for two to three days without needing a shampoo or restyle. Our hair stylists will make your hair look elegant and luxurious.

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We offer blowouts, updos and perms

Perfect hair is the cherry on top when you're getting ready for an event or special occasion. All our hair treatment services will help you achieve picture-perfect hair. Our team can also travel to you so you don't have to worry about travel time before your wedding or conference. We're dedicated to helping you feel beautiful 24/7.

We have a long list of hair treatment options to choose from:

  • Women's blowout: $35+
  • Special occasions/updos: $75+
  • Conditioning treatment: $15+
  • Perm and blow dry: $65+
  • Hair rehab: $35+
  • Highlights and blow dry: $87+

Our conditioning treatment will restore proteins and lock in moisture, which is why we recommend it after any highlight service. Count on our hair stylists to make you feel glamorous. To book a hair treatment, call 218-349-5263 now.